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Saturday, 10 September 2011

vivienne westwood shoes- a world wide exhibtion.

every woman has a shoe addiction; a simple pair of heels can make a woman feel the three s’s, sexy, sophisticated and successful. as a woman i was given the oppournity to fulfil my shoe fetish with an exhiliarting exhibtion showcasing over 40 years of shoe design by the queen of contemporary dame vivienne westwood. located in textile and fashion gallery in the bowes museum, barmard castle, county durham the exhibtion featured signature westwood designs including the iconic super elevated gillie as sported by naomi campbell in 1993.this unique collection illustrates the creativity and innovation of contemporary british design and craftsmanship. it is her contrast between the wearable and plain bizarre which makes this exhibition a hit for any fashion lover!

flame shoe 1998. completed in colouring pencil and watercolour.